Why Microsoft Outlook Contacts not Showing in Address Book

Sometimes you could find that the contacts in your contacts folder aren’t listed when you try to use the Microsoft Outlook Address Book to pull up an email address.

Microsoft Outlook shows all contacts from your contacts folder in the Address Book when the Outlook Address Book service has been added to your mail profile. Due to some reason, your Address Book may become corrupt and refuse to call upon an email address when requested. In case this happens, you can troubleshoot and add the Address Book back to Microsoft Outlook. This Microsoft outlook problem occurs because outlook requires that you complete the following steps before your contacts information is available for you to address messages by using your Address Book –
Outlook Contacts
Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook, go to Tools menu and click E-mail Accounts.

Step 2: E-mail Accounts dialogue box appears. Now click ‘View or change existing directories‘ under the ‘Directory’ tab, then click Next.

Step 3: Now click Add to install ‘Outlook Address Book’ if it is not listed.

Step 4: Now click ‘Additional Address Books‘ and click on Next. Again click ‘Outlook Address Book’, and click Next.

You’ll be prompted that you must close and restart Outlook for the changes to take effect.

Step 5: Click Finish and press OK to restart your Microsoft outlook. Now again check your outlook contacts folder, I hope the service is now added.
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