How to use Mail Merge in outlook 2007/2010

Many times you require sending the same information to different individuals. By using Mail Merge you can create letters and send them to a number of persons without typing the same content again and again. Mail merge is a feature of Outlook and Word that allows you to send a set of contacts a personalized e-mail as though they are the only person receiving the e-mail. Find here how to import contacts to Microsoft outlook from Microsoft excel.

Outlook’s mail merge feature is built on Word’s functionality, which might add to the confusion.So, with this outlook help blog I am discussing the step-by-step procedure to explain how to use the Mail Merge feature. It will help you send an e-mail to a group of people in your contacts. Given below are the easy steps –

Step 1: First select the contacts to which you want to send the email. Use the below method to select contacts based on categories.

For Outlook 2007:  View-> Current View-> By Category

For Outlook 2010: tab View-> Change View-> choose the ‘List’ or ‘Phone’ view

tab View-> option group: Arrangement-> Categories

Step 2: Now go through ‘Tools-> Mail Merge…’ for open Mail Merge dialog. (For outlook 2007)

Select the Mail Merge button in the Actions option group. (For outlook 2010)

Step 3: Now select the correct option in the Mail Merge window:

Select ‘All contacts in current view’ if you filtered your view so that only the contacts that you want to address are visible.

Select ‘Only selected contacts’ if you manually selected the contacts from the Contacts.

Now set the bottom of the dialog set the ‘Merge options’ to:

Document Type: Form Letters

Merge to: E-mail

Message subject line: Write your mailing subject here

After that, click on the ‘OK’ button. Now a new Word file will be opened. If you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 then it will automatically open up the Mailings tab on the Ribbon.

Now it is time to write something in the word document.

Mail Merge outlook

Step 4: Insert greeting line:

For word 2007/2010: Click on the greeting line button

For word 2003: Click on the 5th icon from the left of Mail Merge toolbar.

Write something here and click ‘OK’ to close the dialog box and then press ‘ENTER’ to start a new line in the document.

Step 5: Insert Email addresses:

For word 2007/2010: Click on ‘Address Block’ button from the ribbon.

For word 2003:  Click on the 4th icon from the left of Mail Merge toolbar.

You have done it. Now it is time to send email.

For word 2007/2010:  Click on ‘Finish & Merge’ button and select ‘Send E-mail Messages…’.

For word 2003:  Click on the 2nd button from the right of Mail Merge toolbar.

Now a new pop-ups window will be opened –
microsoft outlook support
Step 6: Click on ‘OK‘ button to complete the merge.

I hope this blog really helps you to use the Mail Merge option in Microsoft outlook with many MS -Word version like 2003/2007/2010. If you are facing problem using the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft outlook, ask us for Microsoft outlook support to fix your Microsoft outlook issues.


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