How to disable/remove Microsoft Outlook 2010 add-ins

If you are facing crashes problem or your outlook takes time to load or gets stuck and hangs every time when you try to do anything, there’s a very good chance that your Microsoft outlook problem is an outlook add-ins gone haywire. So its time to remove unnecessary Microsoft outlook 2010 add-ins.

Microsoft add-ins is plug-in like component installed to provide custom or new features for Office products. If you want to remove an already installed add-ins from Outlook 2010, then you can do the following –

Step 1: First go to ‘File -> Options’. There will be an add-ins listed on the left sidebar. You can see here all available add-ins with enable/disable status, but can’t manage it from this option. But this is just for viewing the add-ins, not managing them.
Disable Add-Ins In Outlook
Step 2: If you want to disable or remove outlook 2010 add-ins , go to the bottom of the page where you will see ‘Manage’ option with enable and disable options , select ‘Disable’ from list and click on ‘Go..’ button..

Step 3: After selection of disable option from the list, a new window will be open which contain all outlook 2010 add-ins. Now check and uncheck any add-ins that you needed or not required.

com add-ins

So, the above blog shows how you can disable the add-ins in Outlook 2010, and if you want to enable Microsoft outlook add-ins, just select ‘Enable’ from ‘Manage’ option. Now you can check on add -ins to enable it.
Microsoft outlook support
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