Why auto archive not working in outlook 2010

Auto archive option in Microsoft outlook 2010 to automatically or manually initiate moving of outlook items to PST file based on preconfigured settings. You can set default auto archive settings but also overrule them on a per-folder level or via a manual archive.

But sometime you can notice this outlook problem that auto archive/archive is not working as expected in Microsoft outlook 2010 even all settings appear to be correct. Auto archive/archive settings can be configured on multiple levels. So find here few easier Microsoft outlook troubleshooting tips to get auto archive/archive working again.

Auto archive settings:

First open Microsoft outlook 2010 and go to File->Options->Advanced…->Auto Archive Settings…

auto archive not working in outlook

Manual Archive:

You can manually start the Archiving process with a single step; just go to Outlook 2010

File-> Cleanup Tools-> Archive…

When archiving process is in progress, it is displayed in the status bar as show above; and it has done.
microsoft outlook support
Also find here easy step-by-step solution when you are facing Problems while sending e-mails in Microsoft outlook.


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