How to add social media in outlook 2010

The new version of outlook, outlook 2010 bind some new awesome features that can help you to keep active your social media activities on different social sites (like Facebook and LinkedIn) when you are working on outlook 2010. So, there are many features which bind in outlook to fully support to social media and one of them is, People Pane. It displays the various ways you connect with contacts and colleagues.

When you display a email from a sender, for example, the People Pane shows files you’ve sent to and received from that person, the person’s most recent status update, and whether he or she is a friend on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social media site. You display the People Pane by clicking the View tab, clicking People Pane, and clicking Normal.

Set up social media account: Now Microsoft outlook support to social media sites also. You can directly open People Pane to outlook 2010 which social media accounts you want to use. Just click on People Pane list and choose ‘Account Settings’ where you can enter your username and password, and click options to control what kind of data is shared between Outlook and the site.

Manage the updates you receive: You can easily manage when updates are delivered; go to display account settings and click the settings button. You can choose to be prompted before information is updated, update automatically, or never update.
add social media in outlook
Add social media links for friends: Once you’ve set up your social media accounts, you can easily add the social media connections of friends and colleagues. Click the Add button in the People Pane and then choose the social media account you want to add.

Note: You need to enable the Outlook social connector add-in first, if our outlook 2010 People Pane missing/disable or not showing, so first fix this –

Step 1: Open Outlook > click on File > Options. Select on Add-ins > click on the Go button besides Manage: Com-in Add

Step 2: Check the checkbox before: Microsoft Outlook Social Connector.

Step 3:  Save the settings and check the results again. You can enable People Pane in the View tab.

I hope now it will work well.
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