Recover accidentally deleted outlook pst file

If you accidentally deleted the .pst file containing all your archived information from outlook, then you need to find a way to retrieve this file. And when you try to your information from a PST archive, you got this error message (The file drive_letter:archive.pst is not a personal folders file).

This error message indicates that outlook is unable to read the archive.pst file because it is corrupt. The file doesn’t have valid personal storage folder structure. PST archiving allows you to break down your backed up information into smaller, more manageable files.

recover pst file

You can fix this Microsoft outlook problem with outlook inbuilt tool called ‘Inbox Repair Tool (Scanpst.exe)’, is a utility that you can use to repair your damaged archive.pst. It is highly recommended that you backup the damaged PST first as running the tool can irreparably damage the file. Also find here solution for most common Microsoft outlook problems like… Why is my outlook not responding?

So first you need to search ‘Scanpst.exe‘ in your computer so follow theses steps –

Step1: First close the outlook application and enable the ‘Show hidden files and folders’ option from folder setting in Mycompputer because ‘Scanpst.exe’ is a hidden file.

Step2: Go to Start->Mycompputer->:C\ drive: program files, and search ‘Scanpst.exe’ file.

Step3: After find the ‘Scanpst.exe’ file, double click to execute this exe file and browse to the location of your damaged archive.pst.

Step4: Now click on ‘Start’ button to start recovery process.

Now try again to open the file and i hope the corruption problem should not exist. If ‘Scanpst.exe’ can’t repair the file so you should restore it from backup. When no valid PST backup is available, you need to use a Microsoft outlook recovery tool or call us on 1-1877-452-9201 for Microsoft outlook support to fix any Microsoft outlook problem that you are facing. We are available 24*7 and always assist you with.
Microsoft outlook support
Also find here how to recover PST file password in Microsoft outlook >>


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