How to sync BlackBerry emails with Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 provides all of the features included in outlook 2007 with the addition of a social networking pane and a ribbon interface in all views whereas blackberry phone is a multimedia device that can hold up to 10 personal and professional email accounts.

If you want to sync your blackberry phone with outlook 2010 to manage & access your email more easily, anywhere and anytime. You can do this with the blackberry desktop manager application. Also find here how you can easily sync BlackBerry contacts with Microsoft Outlook.
sync BlackBerry emails
Once you have sync your blackberry with outlook, you can access your outlook account from your blackberry phone.

Find here blackberry setup guide to sync with Microsoft outlook 2010 –

Step1: First open blackberry desktop manager and connect blackberry usb with a computer.

Step2: Click “Synchronization” on the desktop manager.

Step3: Now check the boxes for functions that you want to sync between outlook 2010 and your blackberry such as address book, calendar and contacts. Also find here easier step-by-step guide for how to sync blackberry contacts with Microsoft outlook.

Step4: Now blackberry desktop manager ask you to choose a application which you want to sync, select ‘Microsoft outlook’.

Step5: Click the radio button next to the synchronization option you want. The two-way sync will sync both your blackberry and Outlook when you make any changes on your phone or in outlook.

Note: In two-way sync, changes will reflect on both your phone and in your outlook the next time you sync the two through the desktop manager. If you choose “One-way Sync from Device” changes you made on your blackberry will reflect in your outlook but changes you made in outlook will not be reflected on your blackberry.

Step6: Now click on ‘Next’ button and select the outlook profile which you want to sync with blackberry. Now click on ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.
Microsoft outlook support
Step7: Finally click on ‘OK’ to finish the configuration process and again click on “Synchronize” on the desktop manager.

Now your blackberry is ready to syncing emails with outlook 2010.


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