Why Outlook 2010 exchange is disconnecting

There is not any specific reason of outlook 2010 disconnected problem from exchange server which occurs with exchange server and outlook. This problem can occur due to some sort of mailbox issues or due to problems with the existing Outlook profile. This Outlook 2010 disconnected from exchange server problem further creates more nuisances like inaccessibility to the emails, mails syncing issues or the mailbox going offline.

Sometimes outlook disconnected problem becomes more severe and you couldn’t resolve the outlook 2010 disconnected from exchange server. In such cases there are maximum chances of data loss. If you are having an advanced backup you can easily retrieve all your emails and other data very easily by using the backup.

Outlook exchange is disconnecting

Here a very common solution to fix this Microsoft outlook problem, just delete the existing Outlook exchange profile and then create a new and fresh one. After creating new profile in outlook 2010. Go to the “%APPDATA%” folder and wipe out & delete all the presented files there. This makes or forces the Outlook 2010 to again create all those files you wiped out now that are totally corruption free. You can also import .nk2 files into Outlook 2010.

Sometime this problem occurs when there are several connections open to a server and there are too load on your exchange server. It causes for your exchange server gets slow down and finally lose the connection with outlook. You can avoid sending or receiving mails manually when using exchange. When a email will arrive on the server it gets automatically received in the outlook as well.
online technical support
But sometime this problem can be too critical to handle. At such circumstances, you can lose your important data if you don’t have a backup. If you are not well aware with Microsoft outlook 2010, so you can find online Microsoft outlook support to fix outlook 2010 exchange disconnected problem.


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