How to import pst file in outlook 2010

Earlier versions of Microsoft outlook 2010 use the Import/Export function to import PST files as folders. Microsoft outlook 2010 can export data files in a PST format that can be imported into earlier versions of outlook, so users have the flexibility of accessing archives from older computers. Outlook support to create archives and backups of emails, calendars, contacts and projects to optimize data usage.

Everytime when you are importing PST file in your Microsoft outlook 2010, Copy the file to the location where you want to work with it like; ‘D:\My Documents\My Outlook\Temp‘. Always uncheck on ‘Read Only‘ option whenever you are restoring from DVD/CD.

So we are sharing here some Microsoft Outlook troubleshooting tips to successfully import outlook PST file without any error. Find list of steps below –

Step1: Open outlook 2010, then go to File-> Open-> Import.

import pst file in outlook

Step2: Now select import to a file and choose personal folder file (.pst).

Step3: Now browse the location to select where you want to restored PST file. You can set the location at temporary basis like ‘D:\My Documents\My Outlook\Temp‘.

Step4: Now select these options:”Include subfolders” and “Import items into the same folder in“, and now select listed folder as your outlook folder set in the dropdown list.

Step5: Now click on ‘Finish‘ to complete import process.

Now restart your Microsoft outlook 2010.

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