How to export pst file in outlook 2010

In this blog, I am sharing here how to secure export your inbox and contacts folder PST file. This is one of the best ways that Microsoft outlook support to backup or store older messages and other data that you don’t access frequently, and will prevent quota issues with the Exchange server.

If you configure the export feature to export all the folders and subfolders then custom forms, custom views and wizard rules data gets lost during an export. So an export of your pst-file to another pst-file can be seen as a selective backup since during the export you can choose which data you want to backup.

Follow given to steps to export outlook PST file –

Step1: Open outlook 2010, then go to File-> Open-> Import.

Step2: Now select export to a file and choose personal folder file (.pst).
Export pst file in outlook
Step3: Now select the inbox first and press ‘Next’ and set the file location to file location to “D:\My Documents\My Outlook\Backup\export.pst”.

Step4: Now press on ‘finish’ button and you will get prompt to set properties for the export.pst file.

Step5: And now click on ‘OK’ button to start the export.

Now you use this same procedure for export contacts folder as well as inbox. During this process your outlook might become unresponsive for a few seconds. When it becomes responsive again it means that the export is complete. You can then verify the export file by visiting the destination where you saved it.

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