Outlook 2010 close unexpectedly on windows 7?

Outlook 2010 is the new version of Microsoft outlook which is inbuilt with many advanced features but it is also not untouched with many Microsoft outlook problems. Now days users who are using Outlook 2010 application facing the problem of closing application unexpectedly. A huge number of MS Outlook users complaining with the problem that the  Outlook 2010 shut down unexpectedly and closes unexpectedly.

To solve this outlook problem, follow given steps –

Step1: First try to disable Add-ins one after another and this will help in determining the problem Add-in.

If you don’t know how to access Add-ins tab for disable them, so –

Step2: Open your outlook 2010, then go to “File > Options > Add-ins“.

Now separately disable Add-ins to fix outlook 2010 closes unexpectedly problem.

Until you are getting same problem after disable Add-ins, then –

Open the Outlook data file and keep it as secondary file, and now check the result.

If you are facing same problem yet, then you need to repair your PST file. For repair PST file, you can use free PST repair tool called Inbox repair tool which is already inbuilt with Microsoft outlook application.

If you want to save the data items of PST file like email messages, notes, calendar etc. you need to repair corrupted PST file.

Follow steps to repair PST file with free in-build repair tool –

Step1: First close your outlook 2010 application then browse and open the following folder: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14“. (without comma)

Step2: Find “Scanpst.exe” file? Now double-click on it.

Step3: Now click browse in the Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool box.

Step4: Now browse and select your affected PST file for Outlook 2010. The default location of a PST file for Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 machine is: “C:\Users\username\My Documents\Outlook Files“. (without comma)

Step5: Now click on “start” button in the “Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool box“.

Step6: After that check the given information after that and enable the checkbox Make backup copy of scanned file before repairing.

Step7: Now click on “repair” and after repair process over, click “OK” button.

Now go to the folder where original PST file is stored. In this folder, you will find three files viz filename.bak (unrepair, backup copy of the affected PST file), filename.log (log report of the repair information) and filename.pst (repaired PST file).
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