Why outlook not receiving e-mail messages ?

There are several common reasons for not being able to receive emails through Outlook express like temporary mail server problems, wrong Outlook Express settings, exceeded space quota of the email account, incorrect MX records of the domain and many reasons. You can find here Microsoft outlook support for troubleshooting when you are not receiving e-mail messages and most common Microsoft outlook faqs like why is my outlook not responding. Follow steps to fix –

Step1: From the “tools” menu, point to Send/Receive Settings and then click on Define Send/Receive Groups.
outlook not receiving e-mail
Step2: Select the group that contains the e-mail account that you want to regularly check for messages. If you have not set up any send/receive groups then all of your e-mail accounts are contained in the all accounts group.

Step3: Now click on “Schedule an automatic send/receive every x minutes” checkbox under setting for group “group name“.

Step4: Now enter a number from 1 to 1440 in the minute’s box.

Note: You can set up outlook to check for new e-mail at intervals of one minute to 1,440 minutes (one day).

Step5: Now click on “close” button.

Step6: Now click on “Send/Receive” button from the “standard toolbar“.

Now restart your Microsoft outlook again. It is ready to accessing all new email from all senders/groups.
online technical support
Note: But you always need to click on “Send/Receive” button.

Most recommended topic: How to install Microsoft Outlook on Citrix >>


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