How to fix outlook express error 0x800ccc90

So I am discussing here how you can fix this Microsoft outlook problem 0X800ccc90 that you faced in Microsoft outlook express. Follow these easy steps to solve this painful problem-

Step1: Select “Accounts” from “Tools” menu.

Step2: Now click on e-mail address here and click on “servers” tab when account properties dialogue box open.

Step3: Now check that dialog box labeled Incoming mail text box code filled with “” and Outgoing mail dialog box filled with ““.

Step4: Now enter your email & password in dialog box labeled.

Step5: Now check the box labeled My Server Requires Authentication to check whether you are entering correctly and click on “apply” and “close“.
Microsoft outlook support
Now restart your computer again and send a test mail to check that problem has been resolve or not. Again go to “Accounts” from “Tools” menu and select your email account and select “Log on using“. Click “Servers” in the “Log on using” menu and select “Clear Text” to troubleshoot the error. It is very easy to recover Microsoft Outlook after a crash.

You will now be free to log on as normal without any problems.

Additional Tips : Troubleshoot error messages when trying to send and receive e-mail in Outlook Express >>


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