How to restore .pst/.ost in Outlook

When all mailboxes are stored and have backup in the server, they are safe but this data are highly prone to corruption and some time other data will get corrupted as this area of email storage is having high rate of corruption due to virus attack or similar other reasons. But a backup is worthless if you can’t restore it. So first you need to restore data, you can also backup your entire digital data online.

It is a good practice to perform backups of your mailbox with small intervals. But when your files become inaccessible the only possible and the best way is to restore .PST/.OST. PST/OST files play a very vital role for its users as it holds a lot of important information in it. So you always need a backup of it.

So follow anyone of these methods to solve very common & risky Microsoft outlook problem like how to restore .pst/.ost in outlook.

First Method:

Step1: Save your pst/ost files (copy to a safe place via windows explorer).

Step2: Now reinstall Microsoft outlook and set up the account, but prevent it from downloading anything.

Step3: Note the location of the pst/ost files for the new Outlook installation and close the outlook now.

Step4: Now replace the new installation’s pst/ost files with your saved ones via explorer.

Step5: Now again restart Microsoft outlook.

Second Method: 

Go step-by-step from File > Import and Export > Import from another program or file > Personal Folder File (.pst) > locate PST/OST > Import
Microsoft outlook support


One thought on “How to restore .pst/.ost in Outlook

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