Sync Outlook 2010 with Windows Live Calendar

Many users relies on online services like Windows Live Calendar to manage their schedules & dates. Instead updating your schedule & events details at multiple places like in Outlook calendar, online calendar services like Windows Live, you can sync it using Microsoft Outlook connector. Microsoft Office Outlook Hotmail Connector is an optional software add-on that allows you manage information from your Windows Live Hotmail account using Microsoft Outlook. Now you can also add social media in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that can help you to keep active your social media activities on different social sites (like Facebook and LinkedIn) when you are working on outlook 2010.

Some features of Microsoft Outlook Connector: Microsoft outlook support to Windows Live account sync with outlook 2010 that(The Outlook Connector) allow you to view and manipulate your email, calendar and contacts using both Outlook and the Windows Live Hotmail web interface interchangeably. Changes made in one place are automatically synchronized with the other.

Requirements: To use the Outlook Connector, you need a free Windows Live Hotmail account and a copy of Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010.You can download as a free download from Microsoft’s website and you can easily configure Microsoft Outlook 2010.
Microsoft outlook support
Step1: First, download Microsoft Outlook Connector from Microsoft website and install on your computer.

Step2: Now go to “Start” menu and open “Microsoft outlook“.

Step3: Now a dialogue box “Would like to add Hotmail Account” open. Click on “Yes“.

Step4: Enter your Windows Live Hotmail Settings and click on “OK“.

Step5: Now your hotmail account can be accessed from the mail folders list as one of your personal folders. And when you make changes to your calendar, they’re automatically synced back to your Windows Live account and can be accessed from anywhere.


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